The Kraken - Black with White & Gold Markings

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    Introducing The Kraken - a truly unique and menacing addition to your home or office decor! With its black body adorned with striking white & gold markings, this captivating creature is sure to draw attention and captivate anyone who sets eyes on it. Its deep-set eyes seem to pierce through the room, adding an air of intrigue and mystery to any space.

    Not just a regular table or desk ornament, The Kraken serves as a powerful paperweight, holding down important documents with its long tangled tentacles. Each piece is one of a kind, meticulously handcrafted to ensure that no two are exactly alike. Its presence is sure to add an element of evil charm that is unparalleled in any other decorative item.

    So why settle for mundane decor when you can have something truly extraordinary? The Kraken promises to bring fascination and allure into your environment like never before. Embrace the power of this mythical sea creature and transform your space with its unmatched visual impact and utility as both a conversation starter and functional accessory.

    Measurements are approximate:

    2.5" x 3" x 5"