Discover something new!

Are you curious to know what types of products can be made using resin? We don't only use resin when creating our pieces. Concrete, wood, paper and nature are all items that we utilize to create. Our local artisans love to construct beautiful art with items found in nature and also by upcycling. Good for the environment and good for you!!

Local Artisans

There is so much talent here in Nova Scotia we just had to add some to our shop! We carry items from handmade soap to recycled buoys to painted rocks. 

Our Location

We are situated two doors down from the gorgeous and historic Point Prim Lighthouse. This tourist attraction offers tours in the summer and has spectacular views from two different vantage points. Come shopping and sight seeing!

Custom / Personalization

All of our creations are made in-house. This allows us to work with our customers and create products that are 100% theirs. Working together, we can utilize your favourite colours, themes and, add personalization like your name. 

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