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Introducing the Ladybug Spectacle Lizard, a whimsical creation that will add a touch of magic to your space! This fat-tailed gecko showcases stunning pastel orange and yellow hues, crafted from high-quality resin for durability. What sets this adorable creature apart is the intricate detail of marching ladybugs embedded on its back, symbolizing the harmony between geckos and nature's tiny wonders. Experience the love for reptiles and ladybugs come alive in this beautifully designed paperweight that doubles as a charming decor piece.

Each Ladybug Spectacle Lizard is meticulously hand-painted to bring out its vibrant colors, making it a delightful addition to any collection or desk. The playful depiction of a brightly colored ladybug family marching along with the gecko evokes feelings of joy and whimsy every time you gaze upon it. Whether you're an avid reptile enthusiast or simply appreciate unique artistry, this eye-catching piece promises to spark conversations and bring smiles wherever it resides. Embrace the enchantment of nature with this delightful fusion of gecko love and ladybug charm captured in one exquisite creation – get your very own Ladybug Spectacle Lizard today!

Measurements are approximate:

5" x 3.5" x 1"