Resin Shark Pier Paradise Peek Weight : 0.11

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Introducing our mesmerizing handcrafted clear shark with a seagull standing on a pier, embedded inside a high-quality resin - truly one-of-a-kind! This unique nautical creation captures the essence of ocean life in a stunning and artistic way. Imagine bringing the beauty of the sea into your home or office with this exquisite piece that exudes both shark love and bird love. Not just a paperweight, but also an eye-catching decor item that will surely spark conversations and admiration wherever it is placed.

Each detail meticulously crafted to perfection, this resin masterpiece encapsulates the wonders of marine life, making it a perfect addition for any ocean enthusiast or lover of sea life. The crystal-clear clarity of the shark swimming past the seagull perched on the pier creates an enchanting visual display that will transport you straight to the depths of the ocean. Not only does it serve as a charming decor piece, but it also acts as a reminder to cherish and protect our precious marine ecosystem. Add this unique treasure to your collection today and let its beauty inspire your love for all things nautical!

Measurements are approximate:

2.75" x 2" x 2.25"