Green & Copper Laughing Buddha Keychain

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    Introducing the Green & Copper Laughing Buddha Keychain - a tiny guardian of joy that will bring a dose of happiness to your everyday life! Handcrafted with love from high-quality resin, this chubby little Buddha is here to lighten up your day. With his knapsack securely fastened on his back, he serves as a constant reminder to never take life too seriously. The intricate detailing on this keychain will amaze you; every wrinkle and curve on his jolly face is crafted with utmost care and precision.

    This charming keychain not only adds flair to your keys but also finds its place in purses or backpacks with ease. Attach it to your car keys for an instant mood booster during traffic jams or hang it on your bag zipper as a delightful accessory. Whenever you need a moment of laughter or tranquility, simply glance at the Green & Copper Laughing Buddha Keychain and let its irresistible cuteness and funny expression work their magic.

    With this adorable little companion by your side, finding misplaced keys becomes an enjoyable treasure hunt adventure rather than a frustrating endeavor. Moreover, the sturdy construction ensures that this laughing Buddha stays intact even through daily wear and tear.

    Measurements are approximate:

    2.25" x 1.25" x 1.25"