Green & Copper Mermaid Tail Keychain Weight : 0.02

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Imagine diving into an enchanting underwater world every time you reach for your keys or open your bag. With our Green & Copper Mermaid Tail Keychain, handmade with love and care from shimmering resin, this dream becomes a dazzling reality. This small and cute accessory packs a punch of realism with its vibrant green hue that captures the essence of mermaid magic. And let's not forget the hints of glitter that add an extra sprinkle of glamour to your everyday life.

Not only is our Green & Copper Mermaid Tail Keychain visually stunning, but it also boasts practicality in abundance. Crafted with lightweight materials, it won't weigh you down whether attached to your keys or adorning your backpack or purse. Its petite size ensures easy portability while still making a big impact on style and self-expression.

Say goodbye to those frustrating moments spent rummaging through the depths of your bags for misplaced keys! Our Green & Copper Mermaid Tail Keychain not only adds a touch of whimsy to any ensemble but also serves as a functional tool for keeping track of essential items. Its durable construction promises long-lasting companionship throughout all your daily adventures.

Measurements are approximate:

3"  x 2.25" x .5"